Like This Song? Read That Book! // Part 2, Ft. Book Playlists and (Unsurprisingly) a Lot of Taylor Swift

I’m back to gush about my books and songs again!

I had so much fun writing my first Like This Song? Read That Book! post last year where I paired eight books I love with eight songs I love, and since I’ve discovered so many new pairs I always associate with each other, I decided to write a part two.

So today, I’m here another time to recommend you books based on songs I love! My music taste has really changed from the first time I wrote this post (because now I basically only listen to Taylor Swift, Lorde and kpop haha), but I hope you’re able to enjoy this nonetheless!!

Also, I’m making this post a little different from the original because I’m pairing just four of these books with only one song, and I’ll be sharing a full playlist I made for each of the other four books + talking about a few of the songs and why I associate them with that book! For that reason, make sure you’re reading this post on the actual site because I’m sure the wordpress reader will mess up all my formatting. 😭

(Click the album cover to listen to the song on YouTube, and click the book cover to add the book on Goodreads! All featured quotes are lyrics from the song.)


Like the song Love to Hate Me by BLACKPINK? Read the book I’ll Be The One by Lyla Lee!

The Album (Blackpink album) - Wikipedia I'll Be the One

I’ma let you fade into the background
Baby, all my shows are gettin’ too loud
Keep on turnin’ it up when you want me down

Blowin’ up, workin’ busy
You ain’t worth my love if you only love to hate me

Blackpink was the girl group that got me into K-pop, and they’ll always have a special place in my heart. 🥺 I was so excited when they released their first full album in October, and all of the songs are amazing!! Love to Hate Me is definitely one of my favorites, though, because the girls’ vocals are perfect and I love the empowering lyrics.

The moment I heard this song, I instantly thought of I’ll Be the One. This book follows Skye, a fat bisexual Korean-American girl who auditions for a K-pop TV competition and aces it! Although she receives so much hate throughout this competition and even from her own mother about her body, Skye is never afraid to stand up for herself.

I absolutely adored this novel, and I didn’t think twice about pairing it with Love to Hate Me because the song’s lyrics really make me think of how wonderfully confident and self-loving Skye is. If you love the powerful vocals and messages in Love to Hate Me, you’ll definitely enjoy I’ll Be The One!

Read my mini review of I’ll Be the One here!


Like the song Treacherous by Taylor Swift? Read the Crier’s War duology by Nina Varela!

Red (Taylor Swift album) - Wikipedia Crier's War (Crier's War, #1) Iron Heart (Crier's War, #2)

Put your lips close to mine
As long as they don’t touch
Out of focus, eye to eye
‘Til the gravity’s too much

And all we are is skin and bone
Trained to get along
Forever going with the flow
But you’re friction

Treacherous is the kind of Taylor Swift song you scream from the rooftops (especially the bridge)!! It’s quite obvious that this song is about forbidden romance, which is one of my favorite tropes.

So what better books to pair this song with than the Crier’s War duology by Nina Varela, which follows a sapphic enemies-to-lovers forbidden romance!! This is set in a fantasy/sci-fi inspired world and follows Ayla, a human, and Crier, an Automa, whose paths collide and are never the same afterwards. I’ll admit that I didn’t enjoy the first book, Crier’s War, as much as I would have liked, but I’m so glad I decided to stick to the series because Iron Heart completely made up for it. Throughout this sequel, I found myself loving Crier and Ayla’s romance. So many lyrics from Treacherous remind me of them, and this song would probably play as the theme music if Crier’s War was ever adapted for film!


Like the song LOVE IN THE DARK by Jessie Reyez? Read the book Miss Meteor by Anna-Marie McLemore and Tehlor Kay Mejia!

Miss Meteor

We’re only humans floating on a rock
But I think that you are made of stardust
Unconditional, you put up with so much
I could never repay the way you love

I’m just in awe of the sheer emotion Jessie Reyez conveys through her voice in this song. In fact, I’m pretty sure I teared up the first time I listened to it, because the melody is absolutely gorgeous!! The lyrics are also so stunning, and really highlight the feeling of pure love.

A book I really enjoyed that also highlights love in its purest form is Miss Meteor by Tehlor Kay Mejia and Anna-Marie McLemore! This follows Chicky and Lita, two ex-best friends who slowly start to reconcile as Chicky helps Lita enter the annual Miss Meteor beauty pageant in their small town. It’s a really beautifully written book that illuminates love in all its forms, from friendship to family to romance, and that’s the main reason I would recommend it if you like this song.

Also, one of the main characters Lita is literally made of stardust, and the song lyric I featured above also mentions that, so that’s another reason why I paired these two together!!


Like the song invisible string by Taylor Swift? Read the book Spin the Dawn by Elizabeth Lim!

Taylor Swift: folklore Album Review | Pitchfork Spin the Dawn (The Blood of Stars, #1) 

Something wrapped all of my past mistakes in barbed wire
Chains around my demons, wool to brave the seasons
One single thread of gold tied me to you

If you’ve already read The Folklore Book Tag that I posted a while ago, then you should know how much I love Taylor Swift!! (And she’s now released evermore, which I also am in love with and still crying over! Hopefully I’ll do the evermore book tag very soon.) In that post, I described invisible string as being absolutely adorable, and I still stand by that!! 

Spin the Dawn is a Mulan-inspired fantasy that follows Maia Tamarin, a girl who poses as her father’s son to take her father’s place as the Imperial Tailor. Although it’s not an entirely fluffy and adorable book, the romance between Maia and the Imperial Enchanter, Edan, is just so cute that I couldn’t help but thinking of it when listening to this song! If you’ve read this book, then you know that the song lyric about demons also relates an important plot twist in Spin the Dawn.

Another reason why I love this book and song together is because Maia is a tailor who weaves beautiful dresses with… string and thread lol, and this song is literally called invisible string, so!! it’s perfect!!


Like these songs?


Read the book The Gilded Wolves by Roshani Chokshi!

The Gilded Wolves (The Gilded Wolves, #1)

The Gilded Wolves was one of my favorite books of 2020 and is also one of my favorite books of all time: I love so many things about it, from the cast of three-dimensional, wonderfully crafted characters, to Roshani Chokshi’s delectable prose, to its shocking plot twists to the powerful historical commentary. 

I won’t be talking about all the songs in each playlist for the rest of these books, but instead highlighting 2 that really remind me of the book:

Team by Lorde really alludes to the beautifully done found family I loved in The Gilded Wolves! Lyrics I especially associate with this book: Livin’ in ruins of a palace within my dreams / And you know we’re on each other’s team”.

Dynasty by Rina Sawayama specifically makes me think of Séverin and his mission to reclaim his family inheritance. Lyrics I especially associate with this book: “I’m gonna take the throne this time / All the words all mine, all mine / It’s been way too long, too far / Too gone, to carry on”

(Click here to see the playlist if the embed doesn’t work!)


Like these songs?


Read the book When the Moon Was Ours by Anna-Marie McLemore!

When the Moon Was Ours

Anna-Marie McLemore is one of my favorite authors, and I had to choose a favorite of their books, it would be When the Moon Was Ours! I love basically everything about it and it was another one of my favorite books of 2020. This follows Miel and Sam, two best friends who fall in love, and it reads like a gorgeous fairy tale.

It’s Nice to Have a Friend by Taylor Swift is the embodiment of the friends-to-lovers trope in song form, and it’s perfect for the soft friends-to-lovers romance that Sam and Miel have!! Lyrics I especially associate with this book: “Something gave you the nerve / To touch my hand / It’s nice to have a friend”

willow by Taylor Swift is another song that really reminds me of the romance in this! It also gives off a sort of autumn-y vibe, if that makes sense, and I get the same vibes from When the Moon Was Ours. Lyrics I especially associate with this book: “The more that you say, the less I know / Wherever you stray, I follow”

(Click here to see the playlist if the embed doesn’t work!)


Like these songs?


Read the book These Violent Delights by Chloe Gong!

These Violent Delights (These Violent Delights, #1)

These Violent Delights was my last book of 2020, and I wouldn’t have it any other way—it was so good! I’m planning on writing a review for this book soon, so make sure to look out for that, but I would highly recommend it if you want to read a Romeo and Juliet retelling with stunning prose, powerful commentary on imperialism, and a well-crafted plot.

Psycho by Red Velvet really reminds me of the dark themes in this book, as well as the friends-to-lovers/enemies-to-lovers(?) romance!! (Translated) lyrics I especially associate with this book: “Right, psycho psycho / We’re fools loving each other so much”

Although almost every Taylor Swift song would fit perfectly with this book, Dancing With Our Hands Tied by Taylor Swift is one that also portrays the romance between Juliette and Roma! Lyrics I especially associate with this book: “Dancing with our hands tied, hands tied / Yeah, we were dancing / And I had a bad feeling”

(Click here to see the playlist if the embed doesn’t work!)


Like these songs?


Read the book Picture Us In the Light by Kelly Loy Gilbert!

Picture Us in the Light

I’ve mentioned this book probably hundreds of times before already, but I will never stop recommending it, because it is just that phenomenal.  For the sake of not sounding like a broken record, I’m not going to talk about it and just share the two songs I most associate with it! (Read my book review here if you haven’t yet! Also, I’m not able to edit my review to add trigger warnings because that post was drafted using the old classic editor, so here are the trigger warnings: racism, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, homophobia, past suicide, death of a loved one, car accident, past child abduction, child trafficking, immigration fears.)

The Story by Conan Gray is a bittersweet song that really conveys the themes of “the story not being over yet” that I also found and loved in Picture Us in the Light! Lyrics I especially associate with this book: “Oh, and I’m afraid that’s just the way the world works / It ain’t funny, it ain’t pretty, it ain’t sweet”

Heavy by Orla Gartland is another bittersweet song that makes me think of one of Danny’s friends and their relationship with him, but I won’t talk about that because it’s a spoiler!! However, it also manages to exude a lot of pain and sadness that I also felt in Picture Us in the Light. Lyrics I especially associate with this book: Do you think about me at night? / When the sky is losing light / I swear my head fills up with memories every time”

(Click here to see the playlist if the embed doesn’t work!)



Let's Chat

what are some songs you associate with books? do you make book playlists too? this post ended up being so long lmao, but i had so much fun writing it and i hope you enjoyed it!!


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47 thoughts on “Like This Song? Read That Book! // Part 2, Ft. Book Playlists and (Unsurprisingly) a Lot of Taylor Swift”

  1. I forgot to ask, every time I write a wrap-up I feature posts I’ve really enjoyed reading that month, linking back to the original and giving credit of course. Would it be okay if I featured your post? It’s completely opcional and with no preassure at all, but I wanted to ask first.

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  2. ahh ash!! i loved this post so much!! it’s such a creative idea and OMG I NEED TO READ THESE VIOLENT DELIGHTS AND THE GILDED WOLVES ASAP!! also i’m planning to start with these violent delights tomorrow – and i’m so scared it’s going to break me, but i will listen to your playlist while reading it ❤️ can i make a post inspired by this soon? bc it is SUCH a good idea, and i loved reading through this so much!! ❤️

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  3. i just. i love this post so much?? this was such a cool idea! i even got some music recs out of it (i really need to listen to music more), and ahhh i can totally see the love to hate me – i’ll be the one match. blackpink was actually the group that got me into kpop too!! blackpink is by far superior ❤ this was such a fun post to read 💞

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    1. thank you so much, katie 🥺💖 and lmao i’m the opposite, i need to listen less bc i literally have spotify on all the time 😭 i’m so glad that you can see how love to hate me works with i’ll be the one, and yess blackpink is superior!! thank you again!!

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  4. I love the idea of making bookish playlists! I actually just finished reading These Violent Delights today (it was so good!!) and I really appreciated your playlist for it! I am also loving all of the Taylor Swift songs, I swear that she is the only artist I’ve been listening to for the past several months haha.

    claire @ clairefy

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  5. oh i ADORE this post so much Ash, especially bc it seems like we have such similar music tastes hehe 🤩 i basically only listen to Taylor Swift these days too HAHA, as well as Troye Sivan, Conan Gray, and LANY. i also loveee Rina’s music as well and i always tear up when listening to Chosen Family 😭 what can i say, i love found family <33 great music & great book recs in this post!! i recently read I'll Be the One and i also really loved it – such an empowering and joyful novel 🌟 and i love how These Violent Delights was your last book of 2020 haha bc it was my first book of 2021!! it completely blew me away, and i'm so excited to read your review of it 👀 again, fantastic post and i'm excited to check out some of your spotify playlists!! (hope you don't mind but i just followed you on spotify as well – i'm des on there)

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    1. thank you so much, dezzy, that means a lot 😭😭💖 and ahh yes, that’s so amazing!!! taylor, conan, troye and rina are amazing hehe. (YES chosen family makes me so emotional 🥺) i’m so glad you enjoyed these violent delights, it truly deserved all the hype! and thank you so much again 🥰 ooh i can’t wait to check out your spotify playlists!!

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  6. I absolutely loved reading these recommendations, plus all the Taylor music! I feel like songs always give you the perfect vibe to describe a book and it’s so much easier to grasp the concepts of it before diving into the story. It also sets the perfect mood, so that’s a bonus ❤️
    Can’t wait for the evermore tag!

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  7. I love this so much! I created a playlist for books that reminded me of When the Moon Was Ours, and I had a lot of very similar songs on mine, too, so I concur

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  8. This is amazing!! The amount of energy you must have put into it is mindblowing! I love pairing songs with books too because it mixes two of my favourite things, reading and music. 🖤
    And our taste in music is pretty similar, I also love Taylor Swift, Conan Gray and Harry Styles. I love kpop too, though I’ve listened to BTS so far. Out of these books, I’ve only read I’ll Be the One so far but I liked it!

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  9. ahhh… I love this idea sooo much (and yes wordpress reader has no respect for formating — it is so annoying) !! I am loving all the Lorde, Conan Gray, Orla Gartland songs on your playlists !! Also I’m so happy to see Finneas, his songs are great and I love the sound of them !!
    ahh… Jessie Reyez is amazing, I love her lyrics and sounds SO much, it makes me so happy to see her on here. I’ll have to check out Miss Meteor.
    Blackpink are probably the first K-Pop group I listened to as well, so many of their songs are great and so catchy !! One of my top artists on Spotify last year. It sounds like that song and I’ll Be The One goes so well together.
    Dancing With Our Hands Tied goes so well we These Violent Delights, I can totally see that, I love it !!
    I honestly need to check out most of these books like Crier’s War, Picture Us In The Light, The Gilded Wolves, When The Moon was Ours so it was great to see what songs you’d put with them.
    GREAT post, I loved reading it !! 💕💕


  10. there’s so much taylor swift here, i love it, hahah. i was very intrigued by the enemies-to-lovers forbidden romance of crier’s war, but i’m not a super reader of fantasy/sci-fi. i hope to give it a shot soon, especially because i love treacherous so i’m excited to see how exactly the couple relates to the lyrics.

    i am currently reading miss meteor and i’m not familiarized with love in the dark, but i’ll definitely be giving it a listen once i’m done with the book!


  11. ma’am hello I am 1000 years late to blog posts right now so I’ll keep it short. But I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS POST OMG, STELLAR RECS!!!!!!

    I,,, have only read These Violent Delights off this list (I mean of course) but LOVE all the songs you talked about. Lorde fits the vibe so so so much omg. Don’t think it’s a coincidence that I love both of them may be too much eheh

    Also so psyched to read Spin The Dawn, especially because you mentioned invisible strings which is a fave of mine off folklore *insert heart eyes*. And now I’ll leave and go read the rest of these books. Love youuuuu <3<3<3


  12. Love this, I haven’t read the book but I definitely love the songs you choose (especially Blackpink and Taylor Swift hehe). I’m also thinking of starting The Gilded Wolves and I’ve recently started listening more Rina Sawayama, so I think that’s appropriate 😄


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